SPRA is now accepting entries for the annual CAPPIE Awards for excellence in public relations in the Sacramento area. Don’t miss your chance to be recognized for the extensive work you have done on behalf of your company’s or clients’ public relations and communications efforts. Award categories are as follows:

Award Categories

1. Long-term Public Relations: A campaign or program lasting six months or longer, designed to favorably influence or improve relations with one or more public audiences.

2. Short-Term Public Relations: A campaign carried out in less than six months, using a variety of public relations tools designed to gain publicity for a product, program, special event or to achieve a specific objective.

3. Crisis Communications:  A campaign using crisis and risk communications best practices to mitigate a crisis, or perceived crisis, and achieve favorable outcomes.

4. Public Education: An announcement or campaign for a specific public service issue or agency. Entries can include an individual or any combination of print, radio and TV public service announcement(s) along with strategies for promoting this issue or agency to the public.

5. Public Affairs: A program or campaign with a specific objective to promote a political issue, grassroots campaign, or candidate.

6. Social Media: A campaign designed specifically for social media. Include screen grabs or copies of key pages, additionally, include the website URL for external sites.

7. Pro Bono:  A campaign carried out in three or more months, using a variety of public relations tools designed to gain publicity for a product, program, special event or to achieve a specific objective. (Service fees are not permitted in this division; however, material costs are allowed).

8. Local: A campaign or program specifically dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the Greater Sacramento region.

9. Internal/Employee Communications: A campaign or program designed to favorably influence or improve internal communications within an organization.



Entry Fees
Entry Fees: $80 per entry 

You may pay by credit card or PayPal

Entries without payment will not be accepted.

Entry Deadline
March 1, 2018. This is a hard deadline and late entries will not be accepted.

Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges from the Sacramento region. Judges are selected for their expertise in the public relations field. Each entry will be awarded points up to the maximum allowed per each category. The scores are then averaged to provide the final score. A perfect score adds up to 100 points. Each category has a range of points that determine award level. The decision of the judges is final.

Entries will be judged by category with points awarded in the areas listed below:

1. Objective: Were the objectives clearly stated and described?

2. Method: Are the chosen methods clearly described? Were these methods used successfully in achieving the objective?

3. Results: Were the results successful? Does the entry material support the description of the results?

4. Creativity and Ingenuity: Is the program or piece eye-catching? Were creative solutions employed? Was it clever? What limitations, if any, had to be overcome?

5. Additional Collateral: What was the overall quality of the project? How well did the elements support the concept? Was it well organized? Was the production well executed?


Visit our submission page to enter your exceptional work for the 2019 CAPPIE Awards.


Gold CAPPIES may be awarded in each category. Nominees will be notified prior to the awards and winners will be notified during the CAPPIES Awards Gala from the stage.

For more information email:
John Goddard at jgoddard@kearnswest.com